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Message From MD Desk

Exalt Educational Trust, envisages hundred percent literacy,primarily technical and professional.It visualizes modern India of 2020 when our professionals will have spread over the globe in an endeavour to universalize education.The East to Weat brain -drain will change its course in exactly opposite direction that is from west to East.We are happy that it is already happening-thanks to Indian Corporate Inc.But it needs to be faster and stronger,so strong that the new 'pathway' remains unscathed forever. Exalt Educational Trust is already making a humble but a determined effort in this direction  by imparting education to the youth in Merchant Navy,Aviaton & Computer Hardware and Networking courses and providing suitable jobs,and soon it plans to embark upon B.Ed,LLB,Diploma and Degree  Courses in Technical and Engineering.Hardware Networking is just a beginning and a fraction of means to realize the dream talked above. An ultra-modern building over hundred acres of land in Patna is already under construction.Meanwhile,the campus is housed in a brand new fully equipped and well furnished building in Uttam Nagar,Delhi. Young Scholars,we need your co-operation to excel and realize our dreams.Work hard with dedication and determination.Concentrate in your studies and focus on your Mission;respect  your teachers and elders.Love all.Always  keep a positive frame of mind;pray to God  everday,and exercise regularly.Maintain strict discipline and punctuality in your day-to-day life,in the hostel and in the institution and wherever you are.These two characteristics are hallmark of any developed  nation and a successful person.