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Our Vision

Our Vision

We have the vision to touch the sky. We strongly believe that we have the best capibility mixed with a bled of an expert management, experienced, professionals and development strategies to achieve our goal of perfection.

The review of performance of the Institution  and its constituent units over the last 5 years led the  perspective plan of the Institution.

  •     Create a plan for making constructive use of large human resource pool of students, highly-learned teaching staff, and existing teaching-supportive staff with the Institutions.

  •     Introduce performance related incentives at every level and for all categories of staff

  •     Establish a system of recognizing talents of staff and students, so also of their special achievements through special means

  •     Develop criterion for quality both in research and educational process

  •     Assess possibility of getting accredited from internationally reputed and recognized accreditation agencies

  •     Chalk-out a road-map for making the Institutions a national resource center for national bodies, statutory apex councils in program design in terms of optimum time, course curriculum, student’s eligibility for admission, sustainability etc.

  •     Develop a consortium for consultancy services in education, training, management, health care, engineering projects, construction, designs, research etc. for revenue generation with the help of available multi-disciplinary group of experts. The consortium apart from offering consultancy input can undertake turnkey projects in health and medical care eventually capable of providing international assistance in the field

  •     Make consortium a professional body working on commercial lines engaged mainly in consultancy inputs for project planning, organization, management, monitoring, identifying professionals for placement, training program designs, implementation of training program, evaluation of projects etc. This activity will also support the effort of revenue generation

  •     Establish linkages with industries for research and development

  •     Encourage teachers to ‘earn their salary’ through research grants

  •     Be a facilitator in education for encouraging self-learning amongst students leading to creativity